the response to the bukowski tribute page i created has been supportive, creative, sensitive, intelligent. i thought that rather than create an faq, letters from the buk community would do the job. if you have answers to any of the questions you find in here, please cc me on the response to the inquirer so that i can update the letters. i've sepparated the letters into three categories:

the letters make good reading and within them you will find other poems, buk trivia and informed opinions about buk's work.

the bukowski page is by necessity of survival squeezed into time between travelling and a web-based business. so, i will not publish all letters i recieve and may not even respond to all. you have my commitment that i will read all letters and update the pages regularly. if you have any resarch, papers, thoughts, or insights about bukowski, get it to me and i'll try to post it. if you have other buk pages, let me know and i'll throw a link your way.

best. silva