don't try here's the poem which was written on the memorial card at Hank's funeral service. Service was at the Green Hills Mortuary on March 14,1994. tombstone image from michael phillips. all other graphics courtesy of sure, #10, the bukowski newsletter.


but they've left us a bit of music
and a spiked show in the corner,
a jigger of scotch, a blue necktie,
a small volume of poems by rimbuaud,
a horse running as if the devil
were twisting his tail
over bluegrass and screaming,
and then,
love again
like a streetcar turning the corner
on time,
the city waiting,
the wine and the flowers,
the water walking across the lake
and summer and winter
and summer and summer
and winter again

--from the poem, " If We Take"
   Written by Charles Bukowski

submitted by larry, atmosphere@earthlink.net

"Sat up on the hill, six feet above Hanks bones on the seventh anniversary of his death. The cemetary was closing soon, the skies were grey and a little rain was falling. I had just got off work and drove down from LA with the only other Hank fan I know. We poured a couple of scotches and had a toast. There was an orange, a large pretzel, several cigarette butts, a few empty bottles of TGIF mudslide drinks and some flowers by the tombstone. We saw some young kids searching for someones grave. 'It's down here,' we said. They came and made an imprint of the grave with some paper and a crayon."

posted by david badders who also provides the following directions if you make it down to rancho palos verdes to the green hills mortuary: "go to Ocean View (painted on the curb). Then go to 918 and walk straight up about 20 yards. Check with the people in the front office [(310) 831-0311]. They'll know for sure."

believe it or not, i've never been, but i've never been much for places of final rest. doesn't seem like it's where the ones we loved lived. it's more in the poem or another form of memory. i hardly get by my father's grave, but when i do, it's usually with a bit of ceremony. like what you were doing with scotch. silva

Just read your page on Bukowski. And while I am not too familiar with his work...I just wanted to let you know that he got the prime spot for obits on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. The usually put the heavy hitters that pass away at the end of the "In Brief" column.....And believe it or not he was there..... I 'm sure there is an irony in the fact that the only major newspaper to report his passing was the WSJ....but Iam at a lost to find it...... oh well.....nice page anyhow....
Peace Chip Mosher

Hi Silva, I just wanted to thank you so much for creating a Bukowski page. Someone in the netherlands just told me where to find it on the Web and I can't tell you how happy it made me that someone took the time to do it. I had been looking for a Bukowski newsgroup on the Internet for a while and couldn't find anything, or any fans for that matter.

When I heard the sad news about Bukowski's death, it was over Entertainment Tonight, believe it or not. What a disappointment to hear of the death of my favorite writer by frikkin Mary Hart... Pffff

press Oh well. I got on the horn with my friends and we dulogized him by drinking whiskey and reading poems out loud. I just spent the weekend with my ex boyfriend, the one who turned me on to Buk in the first place, and we talked about how he did not have the gravelly voice we though he'd have -- when he spoke his voice was rather soft, and not at all what we exptected....

Susan Higgins

Thanks for putting together the Bukowski page but lighten up, take a breath. Okay,

hit the web, and decided to take a crack at his name, as a search. And I found him, hmmm. . . I miss that old bastard. Thanks for the page.
john turi, aka: Godsded

Hi, I know how you feel about Bukowski's death. It was kind of like hearing your dad had died and being told by some garbagey stranger who didn't care. He changed my outlook radically after I read Women. Now I read him whenever I can and he makes me feel human and still alive. Best of luck in your travels.

Hi, Thanks for creating this home page. FYI Henry's name is Chinaski, not Chinowski. I'm happy to say our newspaper ran a pretty nice obit on Buk. We have a hard core here on the desk that appreciates the good stuff. Keep up the good work.

Ivan Weiss, Seattle Times

Always been a fan of Bukowski. His death was devestating to me. I never thought he would die before we could meet. But that is the way life works sometimes. Anyway, sending along a poem for your enjoyment, kind of inspired by the master. Thanks for all you work to keep his spirt alive. John Gurney

I too was greatly moved by Bukowski's death, although no one else seemed to share my loss. It seems I am always defending the man and his talent against attack by the literature crowd here at Old Dominion.
I am currently reading a biography by Neeli Cherkovski called Hank: The Life of Charles Bukowski. It's great. I have also found a book by the author who influenced Buk, John Fante's, Ask the Dust. Thank Black Sparrow Books for publishing these men! John C. Freeman

I just wanna comment two things about Hank :
1. I think Charles Bukowski (and his literature staff) was more appreciated here in Europe than in USA. The day Bukowski died, most of the spanish newpapers (I am Spanish) dedicated him a page or a page and a half, and that is very much for a writer, here in Spain. some bookstores dedicated a special place for its books and a theatre play based in his texts was performed. I think that this is a nice tribute to Hank.
2. About Bukowski books I miss two tittles : "Run with the hunted" (1993) and "Quello che mi importa e grattarmi sotto le ascelle" (1982). The former collection of texts, shorts stories and poems describing Hanks live. The latter an interview with Fernanda Pivano (an italian journalist) that could be translated as the most I like is to scrabe my armhole. Did you hear about this two books?.
Anyway, it has been a great experience for me to visit your Bukowski page. thanks for your attention. Josep Llacay

i don't have any information about these texts. if anybody reading this can help josep, please do and cc me so i can note it. thanks, silva.

Should you sell books? Sure, why not. They're great books. You might like this. I wrote it the night I heard.... (enclosed poem) Michael McNeilley