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the letters on this page are in response to my consideration about offering merchandise ordering on the page. at one point i wanted to be sensitive to the poet and art, not wanting to commodify and commercialize bukowski. the letters here tell me that i should reconsider this position and, as a result, i've worked out an arrangement with amazon.com to help fulfill book and merchandise orders for bukowski's works. silva

Please do help. It's rare to find someone with a clue, and I'm glad you're out there. I would VERY much like to see this order form back up on your page. The more easily people can get a hold of these books, the more quickly his domestic popularity can grow. Or maybe not. Maybe we should move. (he he)
Anyway, if you do decide to put this form up, please e-mail me. I'll add you to my list of connections, anyway. Also, do you know where I might find the more limited release editions of his books?--those that are bound by small press companies, you know, collector's editions? Jim

Ordering info is a great service!
I use this service to find interesting authors. After finding one, of course I want the option of buying a book.
Where is Milan Kundera?????? Frederick

Right! Commercialism isn't appropriate here . . . But a few poems are. Like maybe some of Hank's poems about commercialism. Ya. See, you can't really patronize him by making money off him. Real clever the way that works out for him -and for us.

I love you for your effort. Thanks
Ernest Collins

i don't think it is a bad idea to have an order form on the web. it's not easy to find bukowski books at bookstores and he is always stolen from libraries. i was disappointed to see that you took the form away. i would like to order some books. it's not commercialization. it's a public service. hayley buchbinder

I live in Finland and it's quite hard to find Bukowski-books in here. For me this would be a perfect way to get the books I want (Of course only if it's possible to order from outside US too). Thank You for this homepage. I'll go to sleep smiling tonight. All the Best, Ville Kiiski

any more shirts with hanks picture available? Ed Lewandowski

It is extremely interesting how many of Bukowski's fans do not hold copies of his work. I am one of those. It is not because I do not frequent the bookstores; it is more an effect of inspiration to read him comes at times when the stores are closed. And so I go on meandering, never thinking of perusing the often pretentious poetry sections. What a blessing it would beto have an impulse buy over the net be a Bukowski Collection. "whore" is still the only poem I've ever read of his. My literary laziness can only be triggered to push play on my vcr and watch Mickey Rourke's embodiement for the 77th time. Responses, unfortunately, are limited to another. Ishak Kang

Yeah, I have to agree about the commerce on the page of the legendary Chinaski. However, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me some info on how I can get a hold of that cool Bukowski shirt that you had up on the page earlier. Peace, Serkan

Can I ask you what the order form was about? Was it to order books from Bukowski? If so, I'd like it very much if the form would get back online, since I am looking for original (English-written) editions of Bukowski's books.. I've read all of the translated (to Dutch) books. Greetings, Kristof.

Sure, put an order form in your page. It is another form of access to works by artists. It is a reality. Thanks for the cool page. Paul E. Dorr, Jr.

i've been through my local library's collection and the bookstores don't have much so i've gotten my buks mostly when on vacation. commerce would be appropriate and a public service in this case, i think. alan ramey

Could you please tell me how can I order the Bukowski CD "Poems and Insults" through Internet? Alfredo Sepulveda Santiago, Chile

I feel quite fortunate to have found your Bukowski page. It is the first time I have wanted to up grade my text based 286. (Some of my message appears to have slipped into the ether) Anyway, I'm curious about any LISTs or USENET groups for Buk fans. Also, if you have it, I would like to know the address for "Sure: A Bukowski New Letter." I think that's the name of it. I saw one once but was short of cash and have never seen another. I'd like to write them for a subscription. Thanks for taking the time to put up a Bukowski page. Yours, Chris

check out sure online. contact and ordering information is here

also check out the links page, here. it includes newsgroup listings and links if your browser is configured to read newsgroups. -- silva

Somebody told me about a bukowski documentary on video. Do you know anything about that, where to get it etc. thanks Claus (via friend, Asger Jensen's email)

Ask any Guy

i think black sparrow press in santa rosa, ca, usa 
may have what you're looking for. you can send for a small catalogue 
they put out with all the titles, recordings, teeshirts, etc. that they 
carry on buk. might be interesting to note that they also publish one 
of his influences, john fante. i highly recommend "ask the dust" and 
"wait until spring, bandini."

send your request and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

black sparrow press
24 tenth street
santa rosa, ca 95401

let them know you heard about them on the internet. maybe they'll 
set up a distribution channel on the www for his work.