sure: the bukowski newsletter

you may have heard about sure in "screams from the balcony" or from bukowski enthusiasts and scholars. in these pages we will capture selective articles and images from back issues of sure, and perhaps will feed future issues with your contributions.

sure was published annually by ed smith near santa barbara, california. you used to be able to get back issues, but then i got the following email:

i was trying to locate the whereabouts of the publisher of this title ("sure: charles bukowski newsletter") and found your website listing the title, current price, ordering address and email address. however, i discovered that the email address and phone number were no longer operational. when i did locate the publisher, in another state, i found that they had stopped publishing the title in 1994. since your website indicated that it had been updated in early 1998, i thought i'd let you know that the title was not available.

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