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Some of the things said about the life and work of Charles Bukowski...

You don't see the punch until you're on the floor -- writing that is surrealism of the everyday -- firmly in the American tradition of the maverick -- relies on emotion -- painter -- living proof of the healing and redemptive powers of art -- a depraved genius -- John Martin -- a quality of courage -- James Thurber -- writes muscular music -- unequiocal, unafraid, the poems transcend -- writes for the hardest people to fool -- full o zest, humor and fire -- great panache -- cannot be classified or yoked -- reaches down into the blood and filth o existence -- puls out ll the stops -- gives a comic gleam -- non political -- tooo wise, too quiet -- art that is an ongoing testimony to perseverance -- tends toward hystercal and ferocious verse -- pure construction of merican life -- will never be an allowed clown -- the poems seemed to exude from his pores -- the Outsider -- Black Sparrow Press -- allusive, narchic and miraculously entertaining-- makes poetry more human -- Robinson Jeffers -- makes words dance and roar like an earthquake -- has natural cool -- the resonant honesty that gives the straight shooting pieces their unique power -- Wormwood Review -- sees the world with a clarity of vision possessed only by artists and madment -- blunt unembarrrassed explanation -- will not lose his soul -- turns life directly into art -- no pologies -- resilence in the face of fear -- savage -- one of the most influential poets now writing (the other being Chinaski) -- Butch Van Gogh -- devout loner -- has an almost metaphysical grip and concision -- read by the common man -- depicts human violence, domestic and otherwise -- dog bisciut maker -- poems that fulminate and gaine power -- uncooked -- unvarnished and unrelenting truth telling -- Sweetwater -- poems are all of a piece -- writing that remains the savage child of the arts -- greeted by applause and hostility -- invigorating and potent -- chose integrity over success -- has a battered desk -- Dewdrop Inn -- not since Orwell -- Linda Lee -- like a sledgehammer -- depicts sordid urban environments -- words drenched in experience -- a poet of permanent opposition -- Chinaski -- a shining haven of sanity -- greatest thing since Homer --Red -- writes without self pity -- LA -- a poet of rough-hewn ferocity -- full of passion -- continues to reverberate with each reading -- John Fante -- no withdrawl in his work -- nothing to lose truthfulness -- lives of quiet desperation explode -- writes poems in the key of life -- Celine -- at the track -- a poet laureate of skid row -- words nailed to paper -- often graphic but honest tales -- HOPE -- prose that is hard and exact... the courageous ccount of a human heart.

Sure, the chares bukowski newsletter, is now published once each year. We hope to list some of his recent writings and be place to view opinions bout his life and work. Let us hear from you. back issues are now available. [sic - as written in may, 1991]

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