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British Columbia

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Welcome to the Canadian Beer Index's list of Microbreweries in British Columbia. To view other types of listings in this Canadian Brew Tour Database, use the links below. To let us know about a brewery, brewpub or bar that we have missed, please click here.

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Backwoods Brewing Co.
26004 Fraser Highway
Aldergrove, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 856-1055
Brewer: Derrick Smith

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- Opened: Aug, 1998

Bear Brewing Co.
965 McGill Place
Kamloops, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 851-2543
Fax: (250) 851-9953
Hours: 9:00 - 5:00
Brewer: David Beardsell

Bear brewing moved into new plant. Now using 341 ml. bottle.

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- Tours Available
- Opened: April 1994

Bear Brewing Company, Ltd
965 McGill Place
Kamloops, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 851-2543
Fax: (250) 851-9953

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- Opened: 1994

Beaver Beer Brewing Co.
703 - 1399 Fountain Way
Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 732-1399
Brewer: Clifford Thompson

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- Opened: 1998

Bowen Island Brewing Co. (Closed)
3300 Bridgeway street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Bowen Island Brewing Co. beers are being brewed under license at Whistler Brewing.

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- Opened: July 1994

Coquihalla Brewery (Closed)
1679 Cliveden Ave.
Delta, British Columbia

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- Opened: end of March 1997

Crannog Ales Ltd.
S6 C38 RR#1
Sorrento, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 675-6847
Fax: (250) 675-6849
System: direct fired
Brewer: Brian McIsaac/Rebecca Kneen

Certified organic brewery brewing Beyond the Pale Ale; Red Branch Irish Ale; Hell's Kitchen (Irish potato ale) Back Hand of God Stout, Old Mill Flax Ale, plus seasonal ales like Bansidhe winter fruit, Pooka Cherry Ale, and whatever else we can make from our farm. We also grow our own hops.

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- Tours Available: Tours by appointment
- Opened: Jan 2000

Fat Cat Brewing Ltd.
940 Old Victoria Road
Nanaimo , British Columbia
Phone: (604) 716-2739

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Fernie Brewing Co.
1214 Dicken Road
Fernie, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 423-7797
Fax: (250) 423-7733
Brewer: Don Moore

Started in 2002, the Fernie Brewing Company revived Fernie’s longtime history of producing great beer with the launch of their first product, Fernie Pale Ale, later renamed Griz Pale Ale, in honour of Fernie’s legendary mountain man, The Griz. The microbrewery soon followed up with a second product just in time for summer, their lighter brew, Legendary Lager. And this fall, they generated a good deal of excitement with their third product, First Trax Brown Ale, a distinctive nutty brown ale full of flavour. To date, it’s their best selling product. Available in cans and draft.

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- Opened: 2002

Granville Island Brewing
1441 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 687-2739
Fax: (604) 685-0504
Hours: 9:30 - 7pm - 7 days a week (open until 8pm on Fri. & Sat.)
Brewer: Mark Simpson

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- Tours Available: Weekdays, 12noon, 2pm & 4pm. Weekends - 12, 1, 2, 3, 4pm
- Opened: June 1984

Gulf Island Brewing Ltd.
270 Furness Road
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 653-2383
Fax: (250) 537-1389
System: Northern Brew Systems
Capacity: 7 bbl
Brewer: Murray Hunter

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- Opened: May 1997

Horseshoe Bay Brewery (Closed)
1481 Dominion Street
North Vancouver, British Columbia

Plant closed in mid 1999. Equipment was sold to Crannog Ales of Sorrento, BC

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- Opened: 1982

H‰gar's Brewing Company
235 West 1st Street
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 984-7669
Fax: (604) 984-3087

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Kimberley Brewing Company (closed)
Kimberley, British Columbia

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- Opened: Spring 1997

Legends Brewing Co. (Closed)
1151 Pinetree Way
Coquitlam, British Columbia

New brewery in location of the Coquitlam Brewing Co. Inc. Closed 2001 but equipment still in place

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- Closed: 2001

Lighthouse Brewing Company
#2-836 Devonshire Rd.
Victoria, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 383-6500
Fax: (250) 383-0005
Brewer: Paul Hoyne

Library Search - Update

- Opened: March 1998

Mt. Begbie Brewing Company
Box 2995, 201C Victoria Rd. East
Revelstoke, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 837-2756
Fax: (250) 837-3082
Hours: Mon. - Fri., 9am - 5pm
Brewer: Bart Larson

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- Tours Available
- Opened: May 1996

Nelson Brewing Company
512 Latimer Street
Nelson, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 352-3582
Brewer: Jeff Parker

The Nelson Brewing Company brews five bold and distinct ale styles using a traditional English brewhouse and fermenting hall. This is a bit of an oddity as most current micro-brewers in Canada are using the more modern, Germanic methods of brewing. The procedures and ingredients (malted barleys, whole-leaf hops and yeast) used in the Brewery are selected with respect to both the traditional English brewing philosophies which laid the groundwork for modern ale brewing and to the new no holds barred attitudes of the North American craft-brewing legions which continue to break new ground in the development of the industry. Of the five ales brewed, four are modelled after classic English styles while the odd ale out is a true North American.

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- Tours Available: Call for appointment
- Opened: 1990

Old Yale Brewing Co., Ltd.
at Vedder Crossing (near old CFB Chilliwack)
Chilliwack, British Columbia
Brewer: Larry Caza

Brewing Cultus Lake Pilsner and Tamihi India Pale Ale.

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- Opened: March 2000

R&B Brewing Co.
54 East 4th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 874-2537
Fax: (604) 874-2517

Library Search - Update

- Opened: Sept 1997

Russell Brewing
Unit 202, 13018 80th Avenue
Surrey, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 599-1190
Fax: (604) 599-1048
Hours: 9-5 Mon - Fri
Brewer: Mark Russell

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- Tours Available
- Opened: June 1995

Shaftebury Brewing Company (Closed)
7989 82nd Street
Delta, British Columbia

Operations moved to Okanagan Springs Brewery in Vernon, BC.

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Storm Brewing Ltd.
310 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 255-9119
Hours: 9am - 6pm, 7 days a week
Brewer: James Walton

STORM BREWING continues R & D efforts as North America's first Zero Emissions Eco-Brewery, which includes successfully growing exotic mushrooms on brewery spent grain and vermicomposting. This initiative was started in 1998 by Michael McBride, STORM BREWING President and Chief Ale Officer.

  • Brewers of hand crafted, traditional British style and specialty ales: Kyle Mild- a traditional British Mild Ale brewed with dark malts & lightly hopped. Killick Pale - a Pale Ale brewed with barley and wheat malts & generously hopped. Hemp Ale- an Ale brewed with hemp seeds that impart a mellow, nutty finish and herbal aromas.

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  • - Tours Available
    - Opened: January 1995

    Tall Ship Ale Co. (Closed)
    39002-E. Discovery Way
    Squamish, British Columbia

    Library Search - Update

    - Closed: 11/98

    Tin Whistle Brewing Co., Ltd.
    954 W. Eckhardt Avenue
    Penticton, British Columbia
    Phone: (250) 770-1122
    Fax: (250) 770-1122
    Hours: 11am - 5pm (Sunday closed in winter)
    Brewer: Richard Grierson/Lynda Lock

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    - Tours Available
    - Opened: Aug 10, 1995

    Tree Brewing Co.
    1083 Richter Street
    Kelowna, British Columbia
    Phone: (250) 717-1091
    Hours: Open for tastings 12-5pm
    Brewer: Brew Master, Stefan Buhl

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    - Tours Available: May to Oct.
    - Opened: June 1995

    Vancouver Island Brewing Co.
    2330 Government Street
    Victoria, British Columbia
    Phone: (250) 361-0007
    Fax: (250) 360-0336
    Hours: Retail Store Hours: Mon. - Sat. 10am - 6pm; closed Sun.
    Brewer: Wolfgang Hoess

    Library Search - Update

    - Tours Available: Friday & Saturday 3pm
    - Opened: January 1985

    Whistler Brewing Co.
    1209 Alpha Lake Road
    Whistler, British Columbia
    Phone: (604) 932-6185
    Fax: (604) 932-7293

    Library Search - Update

    - Opened: November 1989

    Wild Horse Brewing Co. (Closed)
    Suite 204 - 399 Main Street
    Penticton, British Columbia

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    - Opened: 11/97

    Windermere Valley Brewing Ltd. (Closed)
    Invermere, British Columbia

    Brewery is located in the Invermere Industrial Park.

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    - Opened: 09/98

    If you know of any, brewpubs, breweries, or good beer bars that are not listed here, please use the UPDATE page to let us know.


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