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Welcome to the Canadian Beer Index's list of Microbreweries in Quebec. To view other types of listings in this Canadian Brew Tour Database, use the links below. To let us know about a brewery, brewpub or bar that we have missed, please click here.

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B.V.M. Breweries of Canada
6729 Esplanade
Montreal, Quebec
Phone: (514) 908-2337
Fax: (514) 908-2666
Capacity: 12,000 hl/p.a.

draft only brewery/ no bottle production as of yet brewing the "VIEUX MONTREAL" brand (OLD MONTREAL) types of beer are two (2) a blonde and a rousse (typical canadian ale, and a red ale)

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Brasse Monde (Closed)
358 Rue Rossy
St-AndrÈ-Avelin, Quebec

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- Opened: Nov 1996

Brasserie Belgh Brasse
8, rue de l'aeroport
Amos, Quebec
Phone: (819) 732-0553
Fax: (819) 732-0553
Hours: Noon to 7:00pm
Capacity: 5000 HL
Brewer: Jean-Louis Marcoux

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- Pub Type: British
- Tours Available
- Opened: 1999

Brasserie Brasal Brewery (Closed)
8477 Rue Cordner
Lasalle (Montreal), Quebec

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- Opened: Sept 1989

Brasserie Le Chaudron
5710 Garnier
Montreal, Quebec
Phone: (514) 276-0744
Fax: (514) 276-8351
Hours: 9 am- 6pm
Brewer: Ken Wilson

A very interesting array of unusual offerings. Coeur D' Or, Ale Quebecoise, Cobra, Chanvre Rouge

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- Tours Available: Wed. and Sun. call first
- Opened: spring 1998

Brasserie MC
480 Martineau Ouest
St-Hyacinthe, Quebec
Phone: (450) 796-4400
Fax: (450) 796-4404
Brewer: Victor Lukoshius

Library Search - Update

- Opened: 10/1/01

Du Bas-St-Laurent-Gaspésie (closed)
Cap-Chat, Quebec

rumored to be closed

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- Opened: 1996

Ferme Brasserie Schoune Farm Brewery
2075, Ste-Catherine
St-Polycarpe, Quebec
Phone: (877) 599-5599
Fax: (450) 265-3096

Brewery formerly known as Beauce Broue, under new ownership.

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- Opened: 1997

La Barberie
310, rue Saint-Roch
Quebec City, Quebec
Phone: (418) 522-4373
Fax: (418) 522-5283
Hours: 8am - 1am
Capacity: 10 hl
Brewer: Bastien Têtu, Michel Marcoux

Draft only contract brewery.

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- Tours Available: Call for reservation
- Opened: 6/97

La Brasserie Seigneuriale Inc.
135 - D Chemin du Tremblay
Boucherville, Quebec
Phone: (514) 641-6433
Fax: (514) 641-8288

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Les Bieres de Nouvelle-France Inc.
Saint-Paulin, Quebec
Phone: (819) 268-5500
System: DME

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- Opened: 1998

Les Brasseries Saint-Laurent (Closed)
boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Draft Only

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Les Brasseurs de L'Anse
182, route 170
Anse Saint-Jean, Quebec
Phone: (418) 272-3234

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- Opened: 04-97

Les Brasseurs de la Capitale inc.
330, ave Galilee
Quebec, Quebec


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- Opened: July 1996

Les Brasseurs du Nord
875 MichËle-Bohec
Blainville, Quebec
Phone: (514) 438-2392
Fax: (514) 438-3179
Brewer: Laura Urtnowski

Library Search - Update

- Opened: Oct 1987

Les Brasseurs RJ Inc
5585 Rue de la Roche
Montreal, Quebec
Phone: (514) 274-4941
Fax: (514) 274-6138
Brewer: Andre Lefreniere

Brasseurs GMT and Brasserie Le Chaval Blanc have been bought by les Brasseurs de l'Anse and the new name of the brewery is Brasseurs RJ. The Cheval Blanc microbrewery (not the brewpub) has been closed and its production moved to the GMT plant.

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- Tours Available

Lion D'Or (Golden Lion Brewing Co.)
6 College Street
Lennoxville, Quebec
Phone: (819) 562-4589
Fax: (819) 346-4533

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McAuslan Brewing (Closed)
4850 St. Ambroise Street, Ste. 107
Montreal, Quebec

Brews brands under the name of McAuslan and St. Ambroise. 50 litre and 20 litre kegs of draft are available direct from the brewery.

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- Opened: 1989
- Closed: 1999

Microbrasserie de la Mer (Closed)
Montreal, Quebec

This brewery is close. The owners moved the equipment to Montreal and changed the name to Brasserie Vieux Montreal.

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Microbrasserie Saint-Arnould
435 rue Paquette
Saint-Jovite, Quebec
Phone: (867) 425-1262
Fax: (819) 425-2552
Brewer: Serge Vidal

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Old Montreal Brewing Company
6729 De L'esplanade
Montreal,, Quebec
Phone: (541) 908-2337

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If you know of any, brewpubs, breweries, or good beer bars that are not listed here, please use the UPDATE page to let us know.


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