Quick draw Guinness?

Stout brewer wants to serve those unwilling to wait

Feb 22, 2002 - An Associated Press report out of London indicates that Guinness is experimenting with a new procedure that would pour the famous stout much faster. This has been met with cries of "blasphemy" in the beer's homeland of Ireland.


"We have got to move with the times, and the brand must evolve. We must take all the opportunities that we can," a Guinness spokeswoman said.

On Thursday, Diageo - which owns the brand - announced that Guinness sales were down 1% globally and 4% in Ireland. Sales were flat in Great Britain, where experiments with the faster draw are in progress.

Guinness has long advertised that good things come to people who wait and that a good pour should last 1 minute and 59 seconds. The spokeswoman indicated the faster pour was only being considered for busier outlets.

"In outlets where it is really busy, if you walk in after 9 o'clock in the evening, there will be a cloth over the Guinness pump because it takes longer to pour than other drinks," said the spokeswoman.

And the competition appears to be intent on getting faster. Carlsberg-Tetley, is marketing a new tap designed by scientists at the University of Birmingham that will fill a pint of lager in 14 seconds, 30% faster than other taps.

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