Albuquerque Sunport

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The Albuquerque Sunport's (ABQ) Route 66 Microbrewery lounge has been open two months. While obviously no microbrewery, the name does indicate their emphasis. Two 10-tap brass towers rise from the U-shaped formica bar. The lounge is adjacent to the main walkway where passengers turn to the left to enter the "B" Concourse rather than to the right toward the "A" concourse. Old Route 66 memorabilia populates the walls, contrasting with the large projection TV and its dozen brethren scattered throughout the area. A Plexiglas display case visually shows off three types of malts and one hops. In typical American fashion, there is no way to see your departure gate or hear gate announcements over the PA system. The medium-sized bar and the surrounding seating is "smoke free" now that the airport forces all smokers to congregate in the designated "smokers lounge". Glass-walled and completely enclosed it is reminiscent of the "human exhibit" at the alien zoo from the Twilight Zone episode. The bar features a full liquor selection and two dozen bottled beers: local, mega and import. Most draught micros are $3.70 a pint and are served extremely cold. The bar features 20 taps with most draughts running $3.75. They include Double Diamond, Shiner Bock, Rio Grande Desert Pils, Santa Fé Porter, Widmer Hefeweizen, Sam Adams Seasonal (Spring White Ale), Oregon IPA, J.W. Dundees Honey Porter, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Cabezon Stout, Sam Adams Pilsner, Santa Fe Nut Brown, Cabezon Sunchaser Wheat, Shiner Winter Ale and Red Hook Nut Brown. Some "megas" are also offered. Combined with the new Garduños Restaurant at the security gate, flying through Albuquerque just became more bearable. Now if Southwest could just learn how to assign seats. Photo

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August, 1997

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