Denver International Airport

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Now that Denver's expensive new airport, DIA (DEN) is mostly functional many passengers who find themselves forced through one of the train-linked terminal buildings have a watering hole. Concourse "B" finally has a venue for quality beers. One lounge between gates 40 and 50 now offers Breckenridge, Boulder and Sam Adams beers in addition to the usual Coors fare. A "sports lounge" near gate 30 features Breckenridge Avalanche draught at $3.75 for 12 ounces, along with New Belgium Fat Tire and Ahchor Porter in bottles. The atmosphere is far from relaxing since gate are not within view and gate announcements are not audible.

Prior to boarding the people-mover train for the concourses at Denver International Airport, check out the beers at Red Rocks lounge at the center of the terminal.

Like all American airports, no traveler information is available to lounge customers. Showing just what they think of their customer's time, expect to waste an hour trying to make it to the United ticket counter. To make the traveling expereince even worse, the serpentine line for security at the main terminal rivals Disney's longest. The good news is that there is an Express Line with no waiting for passengers with no carry-on luggage. The bad news is that passengers with no carry on luggage match an undesirable "profile" and get to experience firsthand interrogation by uniformed officers in black boots.

Red Rocks
Denver International Airport
Denver, New York, USA

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - February 2002

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