Milwaukee Airport Bar


Located at Gate D51, the Festivals Bar offers a non-smoking lounge with a 10-place bar. An enclosed smoking room is nearby. Adjacent tables offer a spot to settle down with fast food from the nearby outlets. The view is of a portion of the taxiway and down the concourses. A TV blasts CNN and, periodically, sports games. No gate announcements can be heard at the lounge and no information displays are visible.

The local beer is Lienkugel's Red while the only thing close to a micro on tap is the Sam Adams Boston Lager at $5.92 for a 20 ounce glass. So much for "Milwaukee's best." Maybe Midwest Express can be convinced to carry a craft brew to go along with their fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and champagne.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August 2000

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