Independence Brew Pub - Philadelphia Airport


Located between terminals "B" and "C" in the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), the Independence Brew Pub brews no beer on premises but does serve up some tasty beers. The long, narrow "pub" features a smoky 20-place dark wood bar with a few tall tables against the concourse's inner and outer windowed walls. Five TVs show sports events, while some music is audible from overhead. The draught beers emanate from the Philadelphia location controlled by the Independence Brewpub. Four brews are on hand and run $5 for a 14-ounce plastic cup.

The Porter offers a creamy mouthfeel with a chocolaty flavor matched to a medium body. The even flavor balance comes across as clean and easy-drinking. Worth checking out. The Oktoberfest is a dark gold color with a thick tan head. The big malty flavor accompanies a full mouthfeel and big body. The even flavor balance starts a bit dry, then tends toward a slight hop bitterness in the finish.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - December 2001

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