San Diego International

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Good beer comes to San Diego Airport (SAN) in Terminal 1. Located adjacent to Gate 8 in the Southwest Airlines section, you'll find four very drinkable draughts from downtown San Diego's Hang Ten brewpub. On hand are the Beach Blonde Ale, Pintale Pale Ale, Pipeline Porter, and Reef Break Red. Prices are $4.66 per pint and $5.66 for a "super-sized" version at around 20 ounces. The plastic cups are a bit crude but considering the alternatives at the other lame airport bars, cups are the least of your concerns. In operation less than one year, the place is usually packed and even offers a direct view of a few Southwest gates for those lucky travelers who can enjoy their beers without worrying about the status of their flights. Aromas waft in from the nearby Taco Bell but that's OK, harried passengers can build their meals from solid and liquid nourishment right at the gates. The televisions usually have the sound blasting and the crowd demands the tuners be set to NFL games. How about those Chargers? How about those brews?

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - September, 1998

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