Salt Lake City Airport Bars


Forget the fact that you're only getting "3.2" beer and just be glad you can find microbrew in the Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) bars. The Wasatch Front Tavern is a good first stop. Located between the C and B concourses it features a deli with food in the $4 to $5 range and beer prices of $4.95 for a sampler tray of four five-ounce tastes, $4.25 for a 14 ounce glass and $4.95 for a 20 ounce pour.

All the beers are from the local Wasatch BrewPub at 250 Main Street, Salt Lack City. The Honey Wheat Beer offers little flavor, with the hops barely detectable in this gold-colored, evenly-balanced brew. The Slickrock Lager is a clear gold with a clean, light malt and crisp hoppy flavor. The Premium Ale Beer is a clear amber with a dry, malty flavor. The Hefe-Weizen offers a Bavarian-style yeast aroma with a light, sweet wheat flavor and a slightly tangy finish. The Honey Porter is clear but nearly opaque with a dry, chocolaty flavor and very light body.

Open with Wasatch beers for three years, the large lounge with its big-screen TV offers a place to relax from harried travel. The ski scenes on the wall and the two six-tap towers of the small bar both offer their own attraction to passersby. Combined, their draw is hard to pass up.

Over at Gate C4 lies Squatters Pub, an extension satellite of Squatters Pub Brewery at 147 W. Broadway in Salt Lake City. The short bar is often full and there are few tables in an adjacent area. The TV stays pretty fixed on sports. The Beehive Lager is a clear gold with a crisp hoppy flavor. The Hop Head Red is a clear reddish amber with a dry malty flavor and a crisp hoppy finish. The Captain Bastard's Oatmeal is an opaque stout with a light body and chocolaty flavor. The Hefeweize offers an extreme lactobacillus-style sourness that makes it undrinkable. The sampler tray holding four five-ounce samples costs $4.25 while a 20 ounce glass is $4.95. Sandwiches are $5.25. Hours seem to be 8 am to 9:30 pm. Although a bit crowded, if your gate is nearby it's worth stopping by for a few.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - May 1998

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