Big Horse Brew Pub


The incredible views from Big Horse are just part of the attractions. The food and the beers stand out as well. The small wooden bar hosts three three-tap towers and a full liquor selection. The main lounge features an elevated stage while the two outdoor patios offer complementary views of the Hood River valley, one of the mighty Columbia below and one of the scenic hills above. A modern big-screen TV stands silently over the bar while below rests a mechanical cash register from a pre-prohibition era. The downstairs pool room offers two tables and one incredible view. Don't look for any wheelchair access in this historic building built into the side of the river valley.

The Pale Rider IPA comes in a t 5.8% and offers a medium body and mellow hops-over-malt flavors. With all of the "Red Dogs" in the industry hunted down and exterminated by lawyers from Miller Brewing it'll be interesting to see how long this Pale Rider may ride the taps of this outpost brewery. The Mac Stallions 90 Shillings Scottish Ale is also medium-bodied but with a mellow, malty-sweet flavor and slight hops in the finish. At 7%, this slightly smoky brew definitely gets your attention. The Branded Black Porter, 5.6%, produces a fine lace as the smooth chocolaty brew with its sharp, dry finish is steadily consumed. The Nightmare Imperial Stout, 7.8%, has a big body matched to a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and nice dry finish. The White Horse Belgian Ale, 5.2%, is a clear golden color with a coriander/orangy aroma, light body and nice dry finish. The German Style Hoof-e-weizen is a hazy gold with a strong clove aroma, light body, sweet wheat flavor with a moderate clove presence. Very easy-drinking. The Long Ride Rye, 4.9%, is a deep gold, well-carbonated, with a medium body where a nice crisp rye character dominates the flavor profile. The Crazy Horse Canadian Ale is well-carbonated and a light-bodied brew where crisp hops provide all the flavor.

You might expect the salmon here to be good and fresh, you would not be disappointed. The tasty salmon burger yields great flavors that complement those of the darker beers. Even the French fries are non-greasy! The menu categories are varied and reasonably priced. Smoked Salmon at $7.50 tops the To Start line-up. Soups range $3.25 to $3.95; Salads such as Alder Smoked Salmon run $3.25 to $8.50; Bountiful Burgers are $6.50 to $7.75; and Other Great Things that include sandwiches, pizza and Fish & Chips are $6.95 to $8.25. Take some time to enjoy the views, food and beers by stopping by Big Horse Brew Pub in scenic Hood River.

Photos by Tom Ciccateri
Big Horse Brew Pub - Horsefeathers & Co.
115 State St.
Hood River, OR

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1998

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