The Blue Bar


A classic Rock & Roll bar deep in the bowels of Prague's Wenceslas Square, The Blue Bar offers fresh lager beer without a "three-piercing minimum" dress code. The left side of the basement establishment houses the lounge and dance floor, where the Rap and Hip-Hop transmits sufficient sound energy to aggravate the heads atop nearby half-liter mugs. The seven-place painted blue bar features a full liquor selection. A three-tap chrome "cobra-style" tap tower hosts three white porcelain Budvar tap handles. The Budvar Svetle is the popular 10-degree light lager known throughout Europe. Along with a clear gold appearance, the light body joins a light malty flavor where crisp hops dominate the flavor profile and lead to a perfectly carbonated, crisp and clean finish. A great Pilsner! The Budvar Tmavý is the brewery's less common, 12-degree dark beer. The clear dark brown color promises a malty treat but, sadly, disappoints. This light-bodied brew's Belgian lace lasts longer than its flavors, which lack hop crispness and hint of chocolately, non-malt, dark sugar additions. Not cloyingly sweet like some Czech dark lagers, the dryness is a welcome characteristic but not enough to stand on its own.

The unfortunate "beer wars" that are decimating the Czech brewing industry are offering consumers bargain prices. Even in this tourist-centric locale, half-liter mugs cost just 23kr. ($0.65 USD) and .3 liter glasses 15kr. You know it's a friendly town when you can walk into a strange bar where you're the only one not wearing a Megadeath T-shirt and sporting multi-colored tattoos but still receive fast, friendly bar service, along with candid opinions on the country's popular "lezak piva" (lager beer).


The Blue Bar
Wenceslas Square
Prague, Czech Republic

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - September, 1999

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