Bull & Bush


 The sign out front alludes to a British tavern inside, an illustrated bull standing over a green bush. the text underneath reads Bull & Bush. An advert below centered on a well-lit but rotated Union Jack reads "Happy Hour $2.00 Pints." Few should wander in by accident. Inside, a U-shaped copper bar is partially visible through the second-hand tobacco smoke. TVs around the room blare sporadically. Two beer engines join the single six-tap stainless steel tower in pouring forth the house brews. Growlers and a glass collection hang prominently over the bar. In the background an electric fireplace fails to lighten the dark atmosphere where small tables are surrounded by walls sporting lighted and framed prints of English fox hunting activities. Above the dark wood walls are hand-hewn beams supporting the 15 foot ceiling. The kitchen stands visible to one side, with tanks at the far end of the room. The green chalkboard above the taps proclaims the current draught selection: Pale Ale, Amber, Seasonal, E.S.B. (1998 GABF Gold Medal Winner), Brewmasters Special, Brown, Stout and Root Beer. The layout is unnavigable by wheelchair and if the atmosphere proves unbreathable, you may purchase half-gallon growlers "to go."

 A special treat for the three "final finalists" in the 2002 Beerdrinker of the Year competition was a visit to the Bull & Bush to try the Coors Barman Pilsner, said to be a remake of an old Coors recipe favorite of the Coors family. A clear dark straw color, this brew offers a clean, subtle maltiness under its thick white head, with a crisp hoppy bitterness that lasts into the finish. This beer is found elsewhere only at eight accounts around Golden, Colorado. The Coors 2001Winterfest is a hazy dark amber with an early fruity maltiness, medium body, strong carbonation and dry malty finish.

Photos by Tom Ciccateri

Bull & Bush Pub and Brewery
4700 Cherry Creek Dr.
Denver, CO 80222

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - October 1998 & January 2002

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