Cambridge Brewing

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Don't even think about trying to find a parking place near Cambridge Brewing, the savvy visitors use the "T". The outdoor seating is great when weather permits. Inside, the 10 barrel gas-fired brewhouse and its stainless steel fermenters are visible from the bar and dining areas. Lunch crowds eagerly go for the $5.95 Sandwiches and Salads but it's the $3 pints that truly shine. The Regatta Golden is a clear light gold color with a very light body and even flavor balance. A good "training wheels" beer. The Cambridge Amber is a clear amber color, also of very light body and only a slight malty flavor. The Tattletale Pale Ale is amber but with a smooth hop flavor and light hop aftertaste. The Charles River Porter is nearly opaque, with a nice head, chocolately aroma, and dry smoky flavor. The Hefeweizen (special) is a hazy gold color with a light clove aroma, light body and combination clovey/citrusy flavor. The Bitter (special) is a dark amber color with a medium body, malty flavor and hoppy finish. Yards are available inside and you can buy beer "to go" in one gallon, 1/4 barrel and 1/2 barrel sizes. The crowds here seem to appreciate less assertive beers but there's still plenty to taste and see here in the heart of Cambridge at Kendall Square.

Cambridge Brewing Co.
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1995

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