Capitol City - Washington, D.C.

 A corner location around H and 11th, right across from the Grand Hyatt, gives this Capitol City brewpub a great vantage point for people watching. The split-lever interior boasts 30 foot dark green ceilings and ducting with the brewery upstairs but hidden from view. The oval copper bar features a full liquor selection in addition to the house brews. Red vinyl booths and tall green tables with chairs occupy the lounge and dining areas. A lighted chalkboard displays the current brews, including brew date, first pour, taste and in/out status. Faux red metal catwalks span the walls overhead as Rock & Roll sounds bathe the room. The one large-screen TV displays sporting events for those patrons not enthralled in conversation. Other muted TVs inhabit various corners. Blinds cover all windows but there are plenty of views of the outside foot traffic. As an example of Congressional micro-management carried to extremes, D.C. laws include the prohibition of growlers sales from the brewpub. The beer lineup appears identical to the other two nearby Capitol City brewpubs and the recipes are indistinguishable at this time. The merchandise counter features decorated shirts and glasses. To check it out take the Metro Center METRO stop.

 The Capitol Kolsch is a clear gold with a crisp hoppy flavor and very dry overall light malt character. The Pollenator Rye is highly carbonated with a gold color and bright white head. The medium-bodied brew is slightly sweet with a subtle crisp hoppy finish. The 8.5% Wee Heavy Scotch Ale is opaque with a light head, topped by an alcohol-thinned lace. The big malty flavor accompanies an even dry/sweet flavor balance with chocolate notes and a dry finish. The 6.5& Belgian Saison appears a dense amber color with a medium body, estery aroma, fruity flavor and very dry finish. Happy hour deals on pints and appetizers run 4 to 6 pm. In 2004 smoking is still allowed but the 20-foot ceiling mitigate the collateral damage to patrons from nicotine users.

 The Symphony Ale pours a clear deep amber color offering a medium body and early mellow hops followed by a dry, malty flavor. The textured mouthfeel accompanies a slightly chocolate malt character that leaves an overall complex malty impression. The Yorkshire Ale appears a deep amber color topped by a thick white head. The hops lead off on the flavor lineup with the dry malty character next, followed by a crisp hoppy finish and a dry aftertaste ending with a hint of alcohol.

Capitol City Brewing Co.
1100 New York Ave. NW
Washington, D.C.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August 1997, July 2004, August 2004

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