Draught Horse


Rock & Roll music from the CD sound system draws you into the narrow 20 by 75 foot room while the 50 taps behind the dark red wood bar keep you occupied. The mirrors behind the bar create the illusion of spaciousness but once about 75 people enter, the place gets noticeably crowded. Beneath the eight foot ceiling hang rows of mugs while nearby two dartboard join the beer memorabilia in creating a unique character for the place. The overhead electric fans are mostly ornamental as the thick air darkens with secondhand tobacco smoke with no place to vent. A lone television, thankfully without sound, glows through the cloud.

Pub food is available as are numerous house and regional craft beers. The WeizenBock has a dark amber color with low carbonation, caramel malt over hop flavor, and the lurking presence of alcohol in the aftertaste. The Weizenheimer was more of a cloudy amber color. Other house brews included the Weizenfest, BitterWheat, White Shield Ale, Oktoberfest, Hammerhead Stout, and Hansebräu, named for the local Southwest Brewing News beer personality. A couple beer engines were seen in operation to complement the CO2 and N2-pushed beer lines. With pints under three dollars and pitchers just over eight dollars its easy to arrive early and stay a spell at the Draught Horse.

The Draught Horse
4112 Medical Pkwy.
Austin, Texas

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - November, 1997

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