Fiesta Casino Hotel


If unlucky enough to be seeking a cold one in northwest Las Vegas, check out this bar at the Fiesta Casino Hotel. Poised between the edge of the slots area and the ramp to the mini-stage lies one of the few bars pouring all malt beers in the whole complex. Although tap handles say both Anchor Steam and Gordon Bierch Märzen they never seemed to be functioning. Fortunately the Guinness Stout tap was and for $2 the bartenders would bring a heavy 20+ ounce mug with reasonable head and great taste. Bookmark this spot. A rich and flavorful brew amid a sea of light beer.

Fiesta Casino Resort
2400 N. Rancho Drive
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
(800)731-7333 (702)631-7000

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - February, 1998

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