Café Genoutschap


This small, dark bar is likely considered one of Amsterdam's Bruine Cafés. A half dozen wooden tables stand on the wooden floor near the narrow, medium-sized bar. Under the 10 foot ceiling dark beams span the room as stationary fans contribute to the lack of ventilation and circulation, an important factor since 90 percent of the clientele is chain-smoking. Huge 10 foot framed prints join beer posters and memorabilia on the tan, painted walls. Loud Rock and Roll tunes keep the mood upbeat and the beers are poured in fancy but generic glassware. The 3 Mont from Brasserie de Saint Sylvester is a clear gold in appearance with a thick white head. The medium-bodied brew presents a very malty flavor where a short sour note arises into the aftertaste.

Café Genoutschap de Geneugten
Kerkstraat 54
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - April, 1998

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