Goose Island Seasonals

Pouring a dense amber color and emitting intense hop aromas, the bottled 2001 Christmas Ale from Goose Island makes an impression. The dry, almost coarse malty flavor offers a woody, root-like character. As anticipated in a holiday ale style, the big body and full mouthfeel do not disappoint. A lasting impression is made by the pronounced hop bitterness that leaves the tongue in a momentary state of sensory shock. Overall, a positive experience.

The bottled 2004 Goose Island Summertime is labeled a "German-style Kölsch bier." It appears a pale straw color, well carbonated, with a fine white head. The effervescent mouthfeel complements the very light pale malt flavor, light body, and very dry finish. Right on target for a refreshing summer beer. No alcohol content is indicated but a "Best When Consumed By" date is stamped and appears to be about six months past the likely brewed on date.

Goose Island Beer Co.
Chicago, Illinois

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - January 2002, September 2004

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