2000 Great Taste of the Midwest Gallery

This way to beer Beer ready Crowd ready
This Way to Beer! Beer Ready Crowd Ready
Bring on the boots Hopheads welcome Hoos-ier daddy!
Bring on the Boots Hopheads Welcome Hoos-ier Daddy!

OK, boot me Hopasaurus Clearly superior
OK, Boot Me! Hopasaurus Clearly Superior

Play it mama Michigan booster Beer and illiteracy
Play it Mama! Michigan Booster Beer and Illiteracy
St. Louis spirit No time to snooze Showing broad appeal
St. Louis Spirit No Time to Snooze Showing Broad Appeal

Brewer getting "tanked" Drink no evil Show us a sign
Brewer Getting TANKED Drink No Evil Show Us a Sign
Dress code enforced Daddy, where does beer come from? Bockzilla's back and he's thirsty
Dress Code Enforced Daddy, Where Does Beer Come From? Bockzilla's Back, and He's Thirsty

Proper boot use Lest ye be judged 3 floyds, no waiting
Proper Boot Use Lest Ye Be Judged 3 Floyds, No Waiting
Mount up AC in the park Adorable display
Mount up AC In the PArk Adorable Display

Capitol idea The brewer's pose Get yur beer here
A Capitol Idea The Brewer's Pose Get Yur Beer Here
Scaring customers Ambidexterous pours Brewasic Park
Scaring Customers Ambidexterous Pours Brewasic Park

Legendary food and beer It's a really BIG beer Server with a smile
Legendary Food and Beer It's a Really BIG beer Server with a Smile
That picture to scale? Passing the boot Pre-fest meditation
That Picture to Scale? Passing the Boot Pre-Fest Meditation

Photos by Tom Ciccateri - August 2000

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