Main Street Bar & Grille

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A classic urban bar, Main Street Bar & Grille offers mostly megas on tap behind its long wooden bar. The walls are lined with red brick beneath the dark wood sides and ceiling. Branded mirrors line the walls behind model trains that are parked on shelves above the bar. A train track circumnavigates the room overhead. Pooltables offer a distraction at the rear while a TV does that same at the front. The lone redeeming quality is the single tap that carry a local Northern California micro on weekly rotation. The present selection is the Acme Brown Ale. The name Acme having been obtained by the brewery after the original Acme brewery in downtown Santa Rosa has long since passed away. The brew is a clear dark amber color with a creamy brown head topping its medium body. The flavor starts nutty and malty then leads to a short, dry finish with a subtle hops presence.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August, 1997

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