Mountain Sun

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Behind the narrow brick street front lies the small one-room brewpub of Mountain Sun. Two dozen wooden tables and chairs populate the center of the room while a dozen wooden booths with padded benches ring the sides. Murals, T-shirts and carpet cover the walls beneath the 12 foot ceiling with its decorated ventilation ducts. Dark red carpet covers the floor of the 30 by 60 foot room. The kitchen stands behind the small stool-less 21-tap bar and the small 7 barrel brewhouse lies behind both at the rear of the building, its six Grundy tanks both functional and highly decorated.

The Colorado Kind has a hoppy aroma with a nice body and good balance of malt and hops flavors. The hazy brownFest has a full body and malty flavor. The Arctic Wheat is a hazy, light straw color with a sharp aroma and spicy/fruity flavor. This light-bodied brew has an interesting "herb" character. The Hummingbird Ale is an amber color with a sweet/spicy flavor and aftertaste. This one brought home the gold from the 1995 GABF. The Thunderhead Stout is opaque with a creamy dark head, roasted aroma, creamy mouthfeel, and slightly roasted but even flavor balance. The Java Porter features a hazy dark brown color, light body, chocolate aromas and flavors, and a dry, coffee-like finish. The XXX Pale Ale is a clear amber with a big body but smooth mouthfeel for such a malty and alcoholic flavor. The clear amber-colored Belgian Ale starts with strong esters and its medium body is matched to complex malty flavors. The Spinal Tap Imperial Stout offers a dark head where roasted aromas precede the dry roasted flavors of this creamy brew.

Although there's often a wait for tables, the comfortable atmosphere, 50/50 men to women crowd and the great beers make Mountain Sun worth the wait. The nachos alone will fill more than one person! T-shirts of great colorful designs are now available

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery
1535 Pearl Street
Boulder, Colorado

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - October, 1996 & October, 1997

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