Portsmouth Pub & Brewery

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Look for the 55 gallon mug over the door to find Portsmouth Pub & Brewery. Since 1991 brewers Sean, Matt and Mike fire up their J.V. North West system two to four time a week striving to keep product in their two 14 barrel and three seven barrel fermenters in the basement. 10 Grundy tanks handle the chores of conditioning and serving. Other equipment includes a mill and associated "wetting ring", and a gravity-fed natural gas-fired boil kettle. Ingredients include whole hops for the aromatics and pellet hops for the bittering. Some beers get a run through the plate filter to enhance clarity. The Blonde Ale is among the top sellers. It has a light amber color with a nice hoppy flavor and Cascade hops in the finish. The Mikes Cream Ale is a reddish amber with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, medium body, malty flavor and hoppy, dry finish. The Black Cat Stout sports a creamy gray head over its opaque body. The very smooth mouthfeel is matched with a subtle roasted flavor and clean dry finish. the Weizenheimer is a hazy gold with a solid head, medium balance, light wheat flavor, smooth mouthfeel and very clean. It's served with a lemon and has no hints of clove or phenolics.

The brewing equipment is visible from the dining area that hosts wooden tables, stools, a short wooden bar, one TV and souvenir merchandise such as glasses. The bar features a full liquor selection but no Happy Hour and, per state law, no "to go" sales. Only a block from the harbor, Portsmouth Brewery, with its tasteful brick interior decor and 3-D artwork offers a great place to relax and sample ales in the summer and lagers in the winter.

Portsmouth Pub & Brewery
56 Market St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1995

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