The Pumphouse opened in the growing bedroom community of Longmont May 18, 1996. The location between Denver and Ft. Collins on I-25 puts it right in the middle of Colorado's still expanding craftbeer scene. The red brick exterior of the two story building looks at once rugged and inviting along the city's Main Street. Inside, light wood tables and chairs populate the wood floored downstairs and upstairs, with seating along the street-side windows offering the best lighting. Overhead, light wood trusses give sturdy support to the roof above and the green ducting and electric fans below. Firefighter tools and clothing decorate the walls as TVs blasting the Broncos game demand your attention. Chalkboards display the current beer offerings, both the house selections and the guest taps such as Pyramid Apricot Ale and Guinness Stout. Glasses of the Mug Club's collection act decorative yet very functional. Framed prints of firefighting scenes of the 1900 round out the themed decor. A skylight at the center of the ceiling beams life-giving energy to a plant hanging directly below it. A nice touch to keep the interior atmosphere both light and airy.

Behind the medium size bar stands the copper brewhouse with its four 10 bbl polished stainless steel unitanks reaching well into the second floor. The beers from the ten-tap stainless steel tower span a wide flavor spectrum and offered something to match just about anything on the menu. The Fire Pale Ale (4.8%) is a clear gold color with a sharp hop bitterness and slightly dry, smoky flavor. The Red Alert Ale (5.1%) appears a clear amber color and offers a medium body along with a toasted and caramel malty flavor with mellow hops and a dry finish. The English Mild is a clear dark amber with a light malt flavor and slight diacytl notes. The Pils is a clear gold color with a medium body perfectly matched to its mellow hop bitterness. The Oktoberfest is a clear amber but with a strong hop bitterness, medium body and clean finish. The presence of such hops all the way through to the aftertaste is very unexpected. The Wildflower Wheat (4.2%) is a hazy gold with a medium body. The flavor combines a mellow wheat sweetness with a slight tanginess, intentionally unassertive at only 18 IBUs. The Pump Porter (5.2%) offers a chocolate aroma with a thin mouthfeel, combined chocolatey/coffee flavor and very dry finish. Other featured beers often include Third Degree ESB, Spotted Dog Nut Brown Ale, Hook0n-Ladder Lager and the Arson Alt.

Outside, a modern red brick patio features black iron tables and green plastic chairs. Awnings and shade umbrellas dot the patio and provide a great venue for lingering over the beers and food. The menu features moderately priced pub selections such as Red Hot Starters, $3 to $11; Greens, $3 to $7; Pumphouse Sandwiches, $7; and Entrees of salmon, sirloin, pasta or steak, $9 to $15. There's even Fire Chief Rootbeer for the abstainers or the little ones. Given the pleasant setting, good food and tasty beers, let the Pumphouse put out your thirst the next time you're cruising Colorado's Front Range.


Pumphouse Brewery Restaurant
540 Main St.
Longmont, CO

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - October, 1998

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