Brown and Moran Brewpub


A short drive from the Albany, New York airport is Brown and Moran Brewpub at 417 River St. in Troy, telephone (518)273-2337. The neighborhood is mostly old brick buildings that saw their activity fade as river traffic diminished years ago. The inside appearance is clean and modern with dining tables along the street front as well as upstairs. Bar patrons have their choice of sitting at tall stools and tables in the center of the building or at the bar with a view of the adjacent glass-walled brewhouse. The outdoor covered deck offers a great view of the Hudson River which passes quietly nearby. For patrons undeterred by the 90% plus humidity, this venue offers a relaxed setting for taking in the peaceful surroundings and the flavorful brews.

The menu showed a variety of light food, wine, liquor, house beers, and one guest beer. The laid-back atmosphere attracts the local after work crowd even without any happy hour pricing. Beer is available to go in custom two liter glass growlers with ceramic swing-tops for $26, $7 for refills. The rustic setting and the full range of flavors in the beers make it surprising that no one else in the Capital District area has imitated Brown and Moran's formula for success.

The Adirondack Golden Ale had a dark golden color, a light hop aroma, and a medium hop flavor (Cascade). The Sequoia Amber Ale was a clear amber color and offered a sharp hop finish and aftertaste (Willamette and Cascade). The Lindley's Light Rye Ale was a dark gold color, light-bodied, mildly hopped, and very refreshing. The Harwood's "Almost Original" Porter glowed a deep ruby color with a light, smooth body and a light hop finish. Uncle Rodney's Oatmeal Stout was medium-bodied, opaque, and yielded a smooth, dry character in the flavor and aftertaste. The Belgian Cherry Ale was served with a whole cherry, had a slight cherry aroma and a nice flavor balance between sweet and tart. The Big Indian Porter from Woodstock Brewing had a medium body and a creamy, chocolately finish.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - November, 1993. NOTE: Brown & Moran is now Troy Brewing Company

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