Beaver Street Brewery

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Located at 11 South Beaver Street, this location is at the heart of Flagstaff Arizona's historic downtown. The expansive open design offers the opportunity to enjoy the soups, salads, sandwiches, and platters with a full view of the pizza makers stoking the fire of the pizza ovens. From both the long wooden bar and the tall tables of the bar area patrons have a view of the complete Bohemia-built brewhouse. The copper-clad brew kettle and mash tun shine brightly from behind the full-liquor bar, separated by only the glass wall. Sports addicts may get their fixes from the muted televisions above the bar. A lone dartboard rests on the far wall, well-lit and uncramped. For cozier moments a row of comfortable booths is available along one wall.

The light end of the beer spectrum was represented by a guest brew called Tom's Hefeweizen, extremely light-bodied with German Hefeweizen flavors. The Railhead Red was a dark gold color with a light hop aroma, medium body and a nice malt / hop balance. The Oktoberfest Marzen looked impressive with its clear red color and light carbonation. The taste was no let down, the medium body and malty flavor combined well and finished clean and dry. The Oatmeal Stout had no surprises with its opaque looks, medium body and dry roasted flavor. The Raspberry Ale was the subject of a Name The Beer contest so it seemed appropriate to sample it for inspiration. The clear amber color would no doubt seem unthreatening to neophytes boldly going where no mega-beer has gone before. The raspberry flavor was subdued and the even balance between sweet and tart resulted in a very drinkable fruit beer.

The overall feeling at Beaver Street is inviting. The small number of young cigarette smokers is made less bothersome by the greater number of patrons enjoying their flavorful food and drink without bellowing second-hand smoke into the public air. Management finds that there is no need for happy hour prices with good value found in the $3.00 pint and $8.50 pitcher prices. If you just can't get enough there's always the 1/2 gallon and kegs to go. Look for seasonals such as a Christmas Beer and a Hefeweizen.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - November, 1995

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