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Situated in the historic Old Town plaza, Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing has all of the components of a successful operation. A dozen outdoor patio tables offer a vista of the meandering foot traffic, a perfect place to sip on a cool one and people watch. Red brick dominated the exterior and interior design. The main building featured 12 foot ceilings with hanging electric fans, a well-lit front area with brick floors, a dozen wooden tables and chairs, and a long booth area across from the kitchen. Another two dozen tall tables stand by the medium-sized bar that houses two 6-tap brass towers. The surrounding walls featured framed black & white prints while a CD sound system provided background music. An amazing twelve house beers are typically on tap. The indoors is all non-smoking and an outdoor patio is available for checking out the Old Town Plaza crowds. About one half of the layout is wheelchair accessible.

 The Mt. Ave. Wheat was a hazy gold color with a light, tart flavor. The Poudre Pale Ale started with a malty aroma and was followed by a nice malty flavor and hoppy finish. The Albert Damn Bitter was amber in color with a pronounced hop character throughout. The cask-conditioned version has a great white head and extremely smooth mouthfeel. The Not Brown gave a malty aroma and flavor, overall, a nice clean light brown character. The Horsetooth Stout produced a creamy head (70/30 N2/CO2) along with a creamy smooth mouthfeel matched to an evenly-balanced flavor. The Alt appeared reddish brown and gave a medium malty flavor and dry finish. The Coalminer's Mild was a deep amber color with a malty flavor followed by a hoppy finish. The cask-conditioned Punjabi IPA was a clear amber color with a somewhat light body but nice hops in the flavor and the finish. The cask batch offered great hops over a nice underlying maltiness. The Old Dubbel, 5.5% abw, was a dark brown color with a slightly tart, brown malt flavor. A reasonable attempt! The '94 Barley Wine looked dark brown and started with an intense malty aroma that was followed by a malty / molasses flavor, thick / heavy mouthfeel, and slightly alcoholic aftertaste. The '95 Black Powder Barley Wine, 8.8% , was also a dark brown color and its 1100 Original Gravity provided the expected malty sweet and alcoholic flavor followed by a nice warming finish. The Raspberry Wheat had a pronounced raspberry aroma and flavor with a medium body, and overall smooth flavor combination. Finishing out the flavor spectrum at the extreme end was the Sigda Green Chili with its intense chile aroma, smooth chile flavor, and long, warming finish. The Apple Cider is a hazy gold with no head but a light apple aroma and slightly acetic (vinegar) flavor. the '96 Barley Wine is a clear dark ruby color with serious malty, alcoholic aromas. This full-bodied brew has a smooth malty flavor an alcoholic finish.

 The pub-style food and $3 pints were attraction enough to visit this well-lit comfortable environment but for the activity-oriented, the next-door building with its smoky bar, pooltables, and CooperSmith's draught beers was an easy choice. The eleven four-ounce glasses of the sampler offer the perfect way to try all the wares when time is short. If really in a hurry then the five-place taster is available for $3.50.

CooperSmith's Pub & Brewing
#5 Old Town Square
Ft. Collins, Colorado 80524

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - September, 1996 & October, 1997

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