Review of Dallas Ft. Worth (DFW) Airport Bar


The times they are a changin, even here in the Republic, er State, of Texas. If traveling through the expansive operation known as the Dallas / Fort Worth Airport (DFW) in Texas you may now stand a good chance of finding some "all malt" beers. At Gate 12 the Vintage Texas bar and food concession offers a selection of Texas beers in bottles and one on tap. The draught beer is Shiner Bock at $4.25 for a sub-pint glass. Dark amber in color, this medium-bodied brew does have a dry malty flavor and some hops noticeable. The bottled selection includes Red Hook ESB, St. Arnold Weizen, Pecan Street Lager, Main Street Brown Ale, and Sam Adams Boston Lager, all for $4.25 each.

The environment is typical of American airports, in the midst of surrounding gates but no public address system to hear the flight departure announcements. Fortunately the air is actually breathable and the short and long tables offer room to relax and enjoy the beers between connections.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - November, 1997

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