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Only one year old, this brewpub uses the latest in design from Newlands for their 10 bbl. system. Located just north of downtown, Dimmers Brew Pub attempts to strike a balance between the tourist-oriented locations along the plaza and the college hangouts where the emphasis is on beer quantify rather than quality. The brewhouse is visible from both the bar and the seating areas. Open fermenters are still used along with visually impressive copper kettles.

The long black marble bars starts the tasting experience. The large open room includes six real and two electronic dartboards, with a formal area for scoring. Nearby, two dozen cafe-style tables and chairs surround the fussbol and pooltables. Background music emanates from the CD sound system while lighting is provide by the drop lights form the 15 foot ceilings. Smoking is allowed throughout and a full liquor license offered a full line of distilled products. Live music is offered on stage Fridays and Saturdays. Fridays feature $1 micro specials to counter the negative influence of the city's weekend roadblocks intended to counter teenage cruisers but unintentionally affecting the business of local establishments. Lawsuits have proved useless as Sovereign Immunity shields city governments from the consequences of its actions.

The Beer Without a Name had a smooth, malty sweet flavor. The Black Magic Stout gave a dry dark malty flavor while the Blonde Bomber offered a dry hoppy aroma and flavor. The Kathi's Clean Sweep IPA had a hoppy balance and aftertaste. Along with the BSB Extra Smooth Pale Ale was a full assortment of distilled spirits. The Alli-Rae's offered a clean, malty character. The Scottish Ale provided a fullbody along with a malty sweet flavor.

Brewing three times per week, this brewpub estimates its annual production at 1440 bbl. per year. At $2.25 per pint there would be plenty of patrons all week, were it not for the intrusive actions of the local city government. Hopefully, logic will prevail and small business will survive the actions of the mindless buearcracty.

Dimmers Brew Pub
742 N. College Ave.
[HP symbol] Ft. Collins, Colorado 80524

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - September, 1996

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