Review of Hair of the Dog Beers

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Pouring an opaque dark brown color, the thick creamy head and alcoholic aroma are but a hint of what was to follow. The full body combined with the full flavor of the malts and the alcohol of the Adam live up to its label description of "Hearty old world ale". Not too sweet but with a nice mellow warming character, the Adam seems to transcend the Strong Ale beer style and enter the realm of Barley Wine. Consumer information on the 12 ounce bottles include the batch number (21), the alcohol content by weight (8%), and some basic ingredients (roasted barley, top fermenting yeast, and whole hops).

Creating beers that stand out in the crowd isn't easy with the competition that exists in Portland, Oregon but Hair of the Dog seems to be doing just that. Their bottle conditioning approach is working well and even without freshness dating, there seems to be no problem getting fresh product on the shelves of retailers around the city.

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company
4509 SE 23rd
Portland, Oregon 97202
(503)232-6585, (503)234-6687 Fax

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - March, 1996.

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