Hedgehog Pub

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Advertised as a Brewpub on the outside, that description remains wishful thinking for the time being. The good news is that this pub is full featured. 12 taps serve up local micros at the rectangular red wood bar, surrounded by a half dozen booths, two dozen small tables, and a mahogany and green decor. Entertainment included two dart boards, a CD sound system and a large-screen TV. The light menu consisted of sandwiches, salads and burgers.

The Old Thumper from nearby Shipyard Brewing was a hazy gold in color, generated a great foamy head, and delivered a nice hoppy aroma with a medium body. The Atlantic Blueberry Ale from Portland's own D.L.Geary offered an expected berry-like aroma with its dark gold color and unexpectedly tart fruity flavor. From the same brewery came London Porter, with a medium body and dry black patent flavor. The Seadog Pilsner appeared a clear gold color and creamy head accompanied by a medium body and hoppy flavor. The Carrabessette Honey Brown Ale was a dark brown color with a malty aroma and nice malty flavor. The Allagash White appeared a hazy light gold accompanied by a tart and crisp flavor but clean aftertaste. The unfiltered Allagash Double was a hazy dark brown and produced a malty flavor and slightly tart aftertaste. The Lake St. George Oatmeal Stout offered a medium body that was evenly balanced, with a light chocolately flavor. From nearby Casco Bay Brewing Company came the Katadin Pale Ale was a dark amber color with a very nice combination of malt and hops in the flavor and left a very good impression. The Katahdin Red was a nice dark amber color of medium body and malt-dominated flavor.

It's easy to spend plenty of time at the Hedgehog with its agreeable atmosphere and friendly staff and clientele. A full liquor selection was available as well as a terraced patio outside and black & white prints hanging inside. Show up on Thirsty Thursdays and the normally $3.00 pints can be had for $1.00.

Hedgehog Pub
35 India Street
[HP symbol] Portland, Maine

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1996

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