Old West Brewery

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Looking more like a country winery than a brewpub, Old West Brewing in Mesilla, New Mexico has a very inviting appearance. Inside, a small wooden bar with eight taps is the source of liquid refreshment for the patrons seated at the dozen small wooden tables and the bar stools. The Pale Ale was a very clear light gold color with a very light body and hoppy flavor. The Western Wheat was also light-bodied but with a slightly sweet malty flavor. The Amber Ale appeared more copper-colored and offered a light malty flavor balance. The Mesilla Golden had an amber color, even balance, but harsh finish. The Santa Fe was a dark amber color, lightly carbonated, with a malty/fruity flavor. The Maibock was medium-bodied, malty and noticeably alcoholic. The Porter seemed light-bodied, opaque yet undistinguished. The Imperial Ale had a nice light red color with a light fruity aroma, light body and a medium raspberry flavor.

The beer prices were reasonable enough considering the tourist-oriented crowd. 12 ounce servings ranged from $1.75 to $2.50 and pitchers from $5 to $7. The small grille cranked out burgers and sandwiches along with chips and salsa but the smoking patrons soon filled the poorly ventilated room beyond bearable limits to enjoy either food or drink. Outdoors the attraction on Saturday nights is live stand up comedy and the event draws a solid crowd form the local state college population. To Go sales include six packs from $4.25 to $5.75 and kegs from $58 to $70. If your journey along I-25 or I-10 allows the time, find the Mesilla exit south of Las Cruces, New Mexico, walk around the historic plaza, have a glass of local wine then check out the brews at Old West Brewery.

Old West Brewery
3910 West Picacho
Mesilla, New Mexico

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - June, 1995

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