Review of Oasis Brewery

Even without 40,000 people in town for the Bolder Boulder 10K race, Oasis Brewery would still be very popular. The Egyptian decor is truly unique and the beers do not disappoint. From the long brass and wood bar the stainless steel 7 barrel JV Northwest brewhouse can be seen at one end of the large first floor. Upstairs pool tables and dartboards are available. From the well-lit bar area two TV are audible. The CD sound system provides music for the remainder of the two dozen tables in the dining area. A full liquor selection is available and the Sunday brunch lasts to 3 PM for those who need a bit of time to get up and going. The wait staff seemed evenly divided with men tending the bar and women bringing food and drinks to the tables. Even with the town full of runners for the race it was still obvious that all of the employees here were in extremely good shape. A well stocked merchandise counter featured T-shirts, caps and glasses. Of note to wheelchair patrons, the split-level layout requires using two separate entrances for the bar and the dining area. Unfortunately, the restrooms are only on the dining room level.

The Oasis Pale Ale was a clear amber color with a medium body, hoppy flavor balance and aftertaste. The Scarab Red Ale had a dark amber color with a dry malty flavor, subtle hops and good mouthfeel. The Capstone ESB was an even darker amber color with a hop aroma, very pronounced hop flavor and medium body. The Tut Brown Ale was indeed brown, with a chocolately flavor accompanied by minimal hops but a creamy body and a dry finish. The specialty brew was the Scotch Ale with an amber color, malty flavor, full mouthfeel and hoppy finish. The aftertaste seemed more astringent than alcoholic. The Zoser Stout, at 5% ABW, was opaque but lacked significant head or lace. The very roasted and hoppy flavors were detracted from a bit by an astringent character in the aftertaste. Also on special availability was the Nilator, a dopplebock that was dark amber with a seriously malty aroma, very malty sweet flavor and aftertaste. The Rainforest Lager came across with a light body and hoppy flavor. The RA's Sunset Ale was also amber in color but with an even malt/hop balance and a nice medium body. The Hefeweizen had an intense estery aroma with a medium body and banana flavor characteristics as one would expect in a Bavarian-style Hefeweizen. The Lemon Ale was a clear light straw color with a light body, and tangy/lemony flavor. Very unique!

Whether you find the main attraction to be the music, the interesting pasta, seafood, pizza, or the easy-going atmosphere and accompanying opportunity to meet new people, the Oasis is truly an urban oasis, and worthy of a pause in anyone's journey. Currently, many of these brews are available in bottles in Colorado and vicinity.

Oasis Brewery
1095 Canyon Blvd.
Boulder, CO. 80302

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - May, 1996 & October, 1996

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