Review of Portland Brewing Company


Barely out of the shadow of the towering Blitz-Weinhard Brewery lies Portland Brewing Company at 1339 NW Flanders St. in downtown Portland, Oregon. Their 10 bbl. system, with its 20 and 40 bbl. fermenters, is a model of space efficiency. In what seems an area no larger than 40 by 40 feet, they feature table seating, a short bar, an upstairs piano balcony and a view of the brewing operation. Production was running under 6000 bbl. per year but that was expected to increase dramatically when the 140 bbl. system begins operation at a new, more spacious location.

The Portland Ale represents 75% of all sales, I found it straw-colored, light-bodied, and with a pronounced hop flavor (Cascade). From the menu, its spec are: 1046 O.G., 32 IBUs with 4% alcohol by weight (ABW). The Scottish Ale was dark amber with a nice light malty flavor and a hoppy aftertaste; 1050 O.G., 40 IBUs and 4.5% ABW. The Timberline Ale was both caramel colored and flavored, full-bodied, malty and it produced a quality head; 1047 O.G., 36 IBUs, and 3.8% ABW. The Mt. Hood was straw-colored, well carbonated, offered a hoppy bouquet and an interesting hop flavor, possibly the Mt. Hood hops. This beer is also available at the Mt. Hood Lodge. When governmental obstacles are overcome we might see this brew made at a new location, maybe the highest brewpub in the country. The Portland Porter was available in two forms and offered the opportunity to compare one cask-conditioned with one conventionally conditioned brew, both using the same recipe. All production is distributed in kegs only, for the time being, and the brewery is one of the best places for tasting.

While sampling at Portland Brewery was easy to be drawn next door by the wafting odors of fresh food being served outside at Bogart's Restaurant. With more than 12 taps, you wouldn't lack a selection of beers to accompany your meal. The Deschutes Bitter was copper-colored, had a welcome hop bouquet, an evenly balanced malt/hop flavor, and a sharp, dry aftertaste.

Oregon Trivia: The Oregon Liquor Control Commission rules criminalize the practice of keg beer buyers serving any of the beer to minors, even one's own children in one's own home.

Portland Brewing Flanders St. Brewpub
1339 NW Flanders Street

Portland Brewing Co. Brewhouse Tap Room & Grille
2730 NW 31st Street
Portland, Oregon 97210
(503)228-5269, (503)226-2702 Fax

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1993

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