St. Louis - Lambert Field Airport Bar


Blatently labeled "Sam Adams St. Louis Brewhouse" no one is complaining as they pack the bar across from TWA Gate 44, barely out of the shadow the the Budweiser brewery nearby. Only one year old, the place has a solid draw from taravellers who demand more than the typical light beer fare from over-priced airport bars. A CD sound system sets a comfortable mood but nearby gate announcements are still audible, a rarity at American airports. A dozen and a half tall wooden tables and padded chairs comfort patrons who pull up a spot along the laquered tables brandishing Sam Adams label designs. The open, 30 foot ceiling helps mitigate the choking effects of any cigarette smoking inside the lounge. TVs without sound are in abundance but the staff holds pretty firm against the obnoxious sports fanatics who need blasting audio to tell them who is leading in some ball game.

Lunch and dinners range from $5 to $6 with 16oz drafts at $3.75 and 22oz at $4.75. Samples of four 5 oz glasses are $4.75, while bottles are $3.95. The menu features Snacks, Soup & Salads and Desserts. Behind the medium-sized bar stands a wall of 10 horizontal kegs, inviting from afar the passersby. A silent TV projects sporting events and the nearby windowed walls offer viewing of arriving flights so you can keep an eye on you flight.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - May, 1997

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