Sudwerk & Privatbraueri Hübsch

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Within the city limits of Davis, California lies the Sudwerk and the Privatbrauerei Hübsch at 2001 Second St., telephone (916)756-2739. Inside, a circular bar surrounds the copper mash tun and boil kettle. Nearby, stands a piano, some open fermenters, horizontal 1050 liter tanks, and lots of indoor seating. Outside is where the action is when the weather is nice. The huge outdoor patio features 5 taps and live Bluegrass and Jazz bands frequently appear.

All of the beers had excellent clarity, including the Hefeweizen which was straw colored, well carbonated, light-bodied, clean and a slight sourness in its flavor. The Mai Bock appeared amber, gave a sweet malty flavor with noticeable hops and matched well with its medium to full body. The Märzen was a deep amber, evenly balanced, a clean sweet flavor and short aftertaste. The Pilsner was a pale straw color, appropriated carbonated, clean aroma, hoppy flavor and clean finish. The Lager gave a golden color and hops were pervasive in the flavor, finish, and aftertaste.

The restaurant is all non-smoking per city ordinance and offers a great place to enjoy the music and the authentic German-style beers. The lunch crowd is mostly business people and pitcher-drinking college students dominate the night scene. Merchandise is for sale at the door and bottled beer is available to go.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - June, 1994

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