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Open since March 17th, 1995 in this light industrial neighborhood of Portland, Oregon the restaurant and brewpub operation should never run too high a risk of running out of beer since there is a sister brewery directly across the street. The Widmer Gasthaus is another product of brothers Kurt and Rob Widmer. The small mahogany and granite bar features three 5-tap brass and ceramic towers. The CD sound system and two closed-captioned TVs help create a comfortable atmosphere. The interior old brick walls host old beer placards while much of the stainless steel brewhouse is visible from within. Inside is designated a clean air zone while outside a small patio area is available for puffing.

The Ambier was a dark straw color with a very light malt and hop flavor, it finished cleanly. The Weizen was golden, with a nice malty flavor, medium body, and overall very clean. The Blackbier appeared a very dark brown, it was medium-bodied, with a dry light chocolately flavor. The Hefeweizen was a hazy dark gold color with a medium body, light wheat flavor and overall, evenly balanced. The Weizenberry had a dark amber hue to accompany its serious carbonation and light head. The most lasting impression, its intense raspberry flavor. At the non-alcoholic end of the spectrum was the Rootbeer with its medium but clean sweet flavor and great mouthfeel. The Altbier was a dark amber color, lightly-carbonated with a dry malty flavor, chocolate?, with a very clean hoppy flavor. The brewpub's German influence was also apparent in the menu selections: Vorspeisen (Appetizers), Salate (Salads), Suppen (Soups), Würste (Sausages), Nachspeisen, Getranke, Wines, Biers, Hauptspeisen (Entrees), and Belegte Brote (Sandwiches). The kitchen is open for mittagessen (Lunch) from 11 AM to 4 PM, and Abendessen (Dinner) from 4 PM to 10 PM. Sampling was encouraged by the $2.95 price of the five beer sampler tray. Pitchers cost $9, a "Mass krug" was $5.75, a "large" $4.25, "eine halbe" $2.95, and a "small" $1.95. The half dozen upholstered booths offered a relaxing setting to soak up the atmosphere and the lager-style brews. Hours of operation were 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Thursday, 8 AM to 5:30 PM Friday, and 10 AM to 3 PM Saturday. Tours are available Saturdays at noon and 1 PM, and the facility is wheelchair-accessible. Long popular in their own region, look for Widmer beers to become more prevalent outside of Oregon as their Micro ramps up its capacity.

Widmer Brewery/Gasthaus
929 North Russell Street
Portland, Oregon 97227
(503)281-2437, Fax (503)281-1496

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1996

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