Vancouver, British Columbia Airport Bar


Good beers at municipal airports in the Pacific Northwest are now the rule rather than the exception. Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in British Columbia offers travelers using their E Concourse (US departures) a reasonable selection of local and national beers. One large open room services about six gates and from the medium-sized rectangular bar all gate counters are visible and most PA announcements audible.

 The Molson Canadian presence was no surprise but the three BC breweries were. From Tree Brewing Co. in Kelowna is their Tree Lager with its distinctive ceramic evergreen tree tap handle. Requiring a closer view to determine the flavor is the Spring IPA from Okanagon Spring in Vernon. Standing apart from the more common ales of the region is the Granville Lager from Granville Island in Vancouver. Two glass sizes are available with the larger looking like it might hold an imperial pint. There were no short pours and the "large" cost $4.50 CDN or about $3 US. Cheers!

 By 2000 things had changed little. The Pacific Lodge Café at Gate 78 offers both Kokanee and Kootanee. The bars don't open very early but if you're flying America West it's likely you'll be severely delayed and have a chance to sample plenty before your flight really departs.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - May 1997, updated December 2000

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