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Open about a year and a half, the Blue-N-Gold seems well on its way to differentiating itself from the many replicating brewpubs entering the DC area. The granite exterior looks at first imposing but upon entering, the open two-story layout appears accommodating. An open kitchen lies to one side of the room. The open dining room features deep purple tables over a multi-colored tile and carpeted floor. Lots of plants populate the bright wood and yellow pillared room. 15 feet above, ducting is visible among the hanging lamps. Through the perpetual smoke cloud a large L-shaped stone and mahogany bar is visible that features four beer engines and four 8-tap brass towers. Following the mahogany railing and stairs upwards yields another two dozen tables offering cleaner air in which to sample the brews.

House beers consist of five regulars and two seasonals. The cask Ur Pilsner is a clear gold color with a thin body and malty flavor. The cask LTD Vienna Lager is a hazy brown with an even flavor balance, smooth mouthfeel, and light malty flavor. The cask Kalí Ganga IPA is opaque with a medium, creamy body and even flavor balance. All cask-conditioned beers are served at cellar temperature. Other micros on hand include Tuppers Pils, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, DeGroens Helles, Lancaster Harvest Ale, Brooklyn Heffe-Weizen, Wild Goose Nut Brown Ale, Blue Ridge Hempen Ale, and Fred's Cider.

The crowd of 90% male, 10% female customers doesn't seem to mind the lack of music and the low volume audio leaking from the television sets. The full liquor selection and easy-going atmosphere seems to offer an urban "neighborhood bar" setting. Prices encourage experimentation with three 4 oz tasters for $4.50, an 8 oz sample at $2.75, and $2 pints commonplace. T-shirts are displayed around some of the walls and two liter growlers invite picking up a liquid souvenir for later appreciation. An easy one block walk from the Clarendon Metro stop on the Orange Line, survey says, "Check it out."

Blue-N-Gold Brewing Co.
3100 Clarendon Blvd.
Arlington, VA

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August, 1997

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