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Imagine your 1/2 barrel brewing system at home, based on used beer kegs, it's just not large enough to meet the drinking needs of you and your closest friends. You put together the best water-tight vessels you can build, lease some space in a strip mall, put in video games, pool tables, pinball, and serve everyone pizza. That's the first impression upon entering Dave's. The small but loyal crowds keep coming to drink Dave Cattle's beer and chat with his family who are always working hard behind the long red wooden bar. Little is hidden from view as both the brewhouse and kitchen stand only a few feet away from customers seated at the bar. A mug collection and curios decorate half the bar back while the liquor selection occupies the rest. 70's and 80's Rock & Roll music sets the mood but Dave does take requests. A New Mexico state flag decorates one wall as kokopeli artwork populate the others.

The beer lineup stays fairly constant except for seasonals and the occasional guest beer. The Dave's Wheat is a clear gold color with a medium body and pungent aroma, the strong sour characteristic dominates the malt and wheat flavors. The Nitro Pale Ale is a dark amber with a thick, rich head, nice malty flavor, mellow hops, and a very smooth mouthfeel. The dry, malty aftertaste make a great lasting impression. The Fred's Habeņero is a clear dark gold color with a pungent, non-chile aroma. Light-bodied, its flavor starts very intense at the roof of the mouth then delivers a very localized chile "hot". The Holiday Ale is a light brown with a cinnamon aroma. The flavor start with cinnamon but turns to a dry nutmeg. Full-bodied, the flavors never really blend smoothly. The Irish Stout is thin-bodied for the style, with a light mouthfeel as well. The flavor has a very roasted character but a detracting vinous aftertaste. The American Pale Ale, nitrogen-pushed, is a clear gold color with an even balance of mellow hops and malts, a small mouthfeel, light finish but thankfully, very clean. The Dave's Doppel Bock is a clear dark brown witha big body and creamy, smooth mouthfeel. The rich, malty sweetness has just a touch of hops early on while the finish offers a dry, almost smoky note. The Dave's Dark is a clear brown dunkel lager with a fine white head on its light body. The light chocolately flavor is dry and very clean while the subtle hops enhance the mouthfeel. The Cattle Drive IPA is gold in color with a thick white head, nice hoppy aroma, medium body and very bitter flavor. The long, lingering hops start with the aroma from the dry-hopped whole leaf Cascades and last through the flavor and into the finish. The Mother Earth Stout has a medium body with a smooth mouthfeel, slightly sharp and dry chocolately flavor and dry finish. All beers are unfiltered and only whole hops and European malts and used. Available as a backup are bottled Bud, Bud Light and Miller Lite.

Some recent additions to the lineup include the following. The Birch Porter is a clear dark brown topped by a creamy head. The strong "Rootbeer-like" aroma suggests this is something different, and it is. The slight sugary sweetness is quickly followed with a combination of chocolate and a slightly astringent "root" character. The Brown Porter is much more traditional with its lasting lace, chocolatey flavor, smooth mouthfeel, medium body and creamy head. The Unfltered Wheat is a hazy straw color with a crisp wheat flavor accompanied by estery and fruity notes. The light-bodied brew offers a tangy mouthfeel and dry finish. The Coconut Curry Hefeweizen must be tasted to be believed. Hazy straw in color , it starts with a "hot" spice aroma that gets your nose's attention immediately. The palate gets it next with a growing "heat" that later mellows from the light coconut flavor. Light in body, the dueling flavors finally stabilize with a subtle spiciness that while subdued compared to habeņero, also slowly increases through the finish and into the aftertaste reaching an incredible crescendo.

With the cigarette machine getting frequent use the atmosphere does get smoky at times. Standard prices include $1.75 per 8 ounce glass. Specials vary daily with: Monday - $2.50 well drinks; Tuesday - $2 draws of Dave's beers; Wednesday - $5.50 liters; Thursday - 1/2 off second medium or large pizza; Friday - $1 schnapps; Saturday - families of four or more get 15% off with free "sodie pop" for the kids. Hours are 4:30 PM through 12 PM Monday though Saturday. Dave's family takes a well-deserved break on Sundays. Join the regulars often enough and you just might get to contribute to the wall mural paintings.

Photos by Tom Ciccateri

Dave's Brewpub
10635 Floyd (behind Hooter's at Hwy169 & I-435)
Overland Park, KS 66212

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August, 1998; December, 1998; March, 1999

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