Review of Ft. Collins, Colorado Brewpubs

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While visiting Denver, Colorado for the 1994 Great American Beer Festival, the temptation to make a day trip to Ft. Collins, Colorado was too much to resist. Located at #5 Old Town Square is Coopersmiths. Their outdoor seating offers pleasant surroundings and a view of the numerous shops laid out like a pedestrian shopping mall. The inside was well-lit with light wood furnishings and the brewery was visible from both inside and out. All space is well-utilized and the modern equipment produces 10 bbl. batches using a flat-bottomed, steam-heated boiler, a plate chiller, and glycol-jacketed fermenters. Eleven types of English 2-row grains are used along with whole and pellet hops and a bit of gelatin in the aging tanks. The Albert Damm Bitter was a dark copper color, light in body and offered a mild hop flavor and aftertaste. The Punjabi Pale Ale had a great hop flavor and aroma. The Not Brown Ale was a dark copper color with a head that yielded a fine lace, nice mouth feel and a very mild malty flavor. The Mtn. Ave. Wheat appeared hazy and well carbonated, produced a fine head, mild flavor and a tangy aftertaste. The Dunkel Weizen showed very fine bubbles through its hazy appearance. The Horse Tooth Stout was appropriately opaque with a smooth, black patent malty flavor and a tart aftertaste.

At Odell Brewing Company we found their 15 bbl. system producing three batches per week using one yeast strain and a diatomaceous earth (DE) filter. 20 tap handles were in operation with two-liter and five gallon kegs available "to go". The Heartland Wheat was straw-colored and mild. The Old Town Ale had a coarse hoppy (Willamette and Kent) flavor and aftertaste. The 90 Shilling was a dark amber color and had a pronounced malty flavor.

Odell Brewing Company
800 E. Lincoln Ave.
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - October, 1994

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