Review of Golden City Brewing Company

[Outside View]

The "second largest brewery" in Golden, Colorado, Golden City Brewing is celebrating its four year anniversary this month. The labor intensive operation appears to be making it in the tough Colorado marketplace. The crowded brewhouse holds a 7 barrel (bbl) system from Continental Breweries that features an electric brew kettle and a 14 bbl unitank. Vertical space is used efficiently with tankage perched overhead. Good use is made of second-hand equipment passed down from New Belgium Brewing as they expanded. Bottling is still a chore but the six-head wine filler eases the pain. Labels still must be manually applied.

The Golden City Red Ale has a medium body with an even flavor balance of slightly coarse malt and hops. The Bitter is a hazy dark amber with hops dominating the flavor of this thin-bodied brew. The Cherry Bomber Ale is a deep red amber color with the flavor starting malty then turning toward a slightly tart cherry, before finishing cleanly. The Oatmeal Stout opens with a rich, dark malty aroma followed by a sharp roasted flavor and accompanying medium body. The Double Cherry displays a hazy pink appearance and startles your senses with its extreme cherry aroma and flavor. Only one 55 gallon batch was made and it required three pounds of cherries per gallon of beer. A surprise find was the Centurian Barleywine. The small bottles of the one year old batch contained a smooth, full-bodied elixir that began at a 1090 Original Gravity (OG) and finished at a 1040 Terminal Gravity (TG). The newer batch is a deep amber color with a very smooth mouthfeel, nice malty flavor and great warming, alcohol finish.

Although situated among residential surroundings, the two-building operation is zoned commercial. It just happens to have stacks of half-barrel kegs next to a swing set and jungle gym. Lunch is now served in the tiny tasting room from 2 to 4 PM and bottles are available "to go". Stop by Mondays through Saturdays from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM and enjoy the fresh taster samples. You might even get a personal brewery tour by brewmaster Chris. Lacking the tour buses of Golden's largest brewery, Golden City offers a quality product served up by a very personable staff. Survey says; "check it out".

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - October, 1997

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