H.C. Berger


Located in a quiet industrial district of Ft. Collins, Colorado, H. C. Berger makes good use of their space. Brewing five times a week with their current 17 bbl system they plan to implement a 50 bbl Newlands system shortly. The current system produces 6700 bbls per year while the new system is expected to increase that to 35,000 bbls in 1997. Two 4-line bottle fillers supply the distributed product for the Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic markets whereas in-house sales are comprised of 1/2 bbl kegs ($86), 5 gallon kegs ($35), and 1 gallon growlers ($9). The staff of nine to eleven people brew the beer, host the tours ( Saturdays 1 - 5), and sell the merchandise out of this warehouse-looking location.

With the new owners came a new look for the labels. H.C. is no longer predominant. Six standard brews are available. The Goolden was a light golden color with a clean, light hoppy flavor, medium body, and hoppy finish. The Chocolate Stout was a dark ruby color, well-carbonated, with a nice even malt flavor balance and a very dry finish. The Red Raspberry Wheat Ale was a dark gold color with an intense raspberry aroma followed by a nice subtle tart fruity flavor matched to a medium body. The Red Banshee was a dark amber color with a dry malty flavor. Look for future seasonals to include the popular Indigo Pale Ale, a Dopple, a Dunkel, a Maibock, and an Oktoberfest.

Visiting hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 to 5, Friday 8 to 6, and Saturday 1 to 5. It takes a little perseverance to find but the effort is worth it. Expect even bigger and better thing to come from the new H. C. Berger in the near future.

H. C. Berger Brewing Co.
1900 E. Lincoln Avenue
Ft. Collins, Colorado 80524

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - September, 1996.

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