McMenamins on Broadway


A visit to the McMenamin Pub at 1504 Broadway NE offered the opportunity to taste beers brewed at the various McMenamin brewpubs throughout the Portland, Oregon area. All of their own products were priced at $2.40 a pint while other draughts were $2.75. The Edgefield IPA was copper colored, had a light bouquet, fine bubbles and emphasized hops, hops and hops. The Oak Hills Crystal was a hazy light straw color, light-bodied, with a nice smooth hop and malt flavor, finishing with an enjoyable aftertaste. The Oak Hill Ruby was reddish, light-bodied, moderately carbonated, gave a raspberry flavor and aroma, and finished with a tart aftertaste. The Apallo Pale Ale was ruby-colored with a distinctive fruity-sweet and hoppy flavor. The Oak Hills Temujin IPA was a hazy dark gold color with a creamy white head and smooth very hoppy flavor. The medium body combined well with the creamy mouth-feel. Comments from the bar suggested three thumbs up. The Edgefield (Troutdale) Rye was also a hazy dark gold with a light head, sweet malty flavor, plenty of hops, and a hoppy finish. Also from Oak Hills Edgefield, the La Paz was an amber color with even malt/hop balance, full-bodied, and a hop flavor that lingered through to the finish. the John Q Porter appeared a very dark brown color, with a caramel malty-sweet flavor and underlying hop finish. The Transformer Pale Ale was a hazy amber and featured a medium body with a flavor composed of smooth crystal malt and light hops.

The McNally's Extra Ale was a deep amber color with a malty flavor and noticeable hop presence. Two well-marketed rice beers were also on hand, Bud and Bud Light. The more than 30 taps offered an excellent selection for sampling and the agreeable atmosphere provided just the place to do that sampling. For foreign investors contemplating a franchised chain of brewpubs across the U.S., McMenamins would be just the successful model to use.

With a minimum of 18 taps featuring McMenamin's brews, local micros, ciders, wines, and even root beer, one would be hard pressed not to find something enjoyable to sample at this comfortable brewpub. The CD sound system offered big band music while the long lacquered dark wood bar featured clear visibility of the mirrored line of tap handles and the nearby open kitchen. seating consisted of a dozen booths and another two dozen wooden tables in this second floor establishment. The numerous plants hanging from the 15 foot light wood ceiling matched well with the painted ducting and overall open spaces.

McMenamin's on Broadway
1504 Broadway NE
Portland, Oregon

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1993 - Updated July, 1996, 1998

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