McMenamins Queen Anne Hill


In the north side shadow of the Seattle Space Needle, this neighborhood bar is yet another example of how the McMenamins success formulae works. The centerpiece of the interior design is the V-shaped mahogany bar in the middle of the 70 by 50 foot open room. High-backed wooden booths lie along the padded walls, above gray carpeted floors and under 10 foot gray painted ceilings with attached ducting. Murals and hanging plants adorn the walls while a CD sound system sets a "mellow" mood. Behind the bar stand 24 tap handles, surrounded by mirrors and customer photographs. At the far end of the room the activities of the open kitchen are both visible and audible. From most of the bar seating the decorated Grundy tanks and the painted brewhouse are clearly visible.

In addition to Edgefield wines, local micros are available from Deschutes, Hales, Maritime's, and even Rainier! The Laebugten Amber (special) is a hazy dark amber with an estery aroma, even flavor balance, medium body, tangy mouthfeel, and slightly tart finish. The Bluebird Bitter is a hazy gold with a hoppy aroma, medium body, and pleasant hop flavor; great for summer. The Sunburst (seasonal) is a clear gold color, very dry, citric flavor, medium body and tangy mouthfeel. The Riverside Rye is a hazy amber color, medium-bodied, malty sweet flavor but with a crisp dry finish. The Ruby, at 3.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) is a hazy, reddish amber color with a raspberry aroma, light-medium body, light raspberry flavor with slight tartness. The Hammerhead, at 5.6% ABV, is a dark amber color with a pronounced hop flavor with solid underlying malt flavor, medium body and nice mouthfeel. The famous Terminator Stout is visibly opaque with a creamy mouthfeel, medium body, even flavor balance, 6 % ABV, and dry finish. The Bardo Bock is a hazy amber with a medium body, full mouthfeel, and malty sweet flavor.

The food menu consists of Appetizers: breads, chips, and fries; Specials: chicken, pastas, and sandwiches; Burgers from $4 to $5; Sides; Soups; and Salads. Check out the bar menu of Irish Pesto, McCordon Bleu, Balsamic Shrimp, Salads, Bratwurst, Wings, and Quesidillas. Hours are Monday through Saturday 11 to 1 am and Sunday Noon to Midnight.

McMenamins Queen Anne Hill
200 Roy St. #105
Seattle, Washington 98109

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - May, 1997

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