Brew Moon Restaurant & Microbrewery - Saugas

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Welcome to the moon! The designers of this Brew Moon operation went out of their way to create a unique look and feel. The expansive physical layout had the brewhouse and fermentation room at the center of the building with the shiny stainless 15 bbl. Pub Brewing system visible throughout. Between both the dining and drinking areas, seating was available for 375 people. Revenue is currently split between 30% from the beer and 70% from the food. The high ceilings used track lighting and showed off the custom-designed furniture and textured 3-D wall decorations. The bar crowd was roughly 50/50 men/women. Two TVs offered a visual diversion while a CD sound system provided the music. The bar was clearly labeled as "cigar friendly" which would explain the overpowering stench of tobacco.

The brewing side of the operation seemed space efficient and clean, with a dedicated mill room. 65 feet of plumbing connects the brewhouse to the fermenters and back again to the conditioning tanks. Seven 15bbl. vessels provide the storage and ensure an adequate supply of beer. The Moonlight was a clear golden color, well-carbonated, with a light body and very dry hoppy flavor. The Boston Special Reserve was a dark gold color, with an even balance and a light malty flavor. Overall, a nice American Pale Ale. The Iron Works Ale appeared a very dark amber color and yielded a clean malty flavor. The Eclipse Extra Stout combined its medium body with a noticeably roasted character. The Mayberry Wheat r.f.d was a hazy gold with a light fruity aroma, nice mouthfeel, slightly sweet balance and light raspberry flavor. For the adventurous, experiment with the Partial Eclipse: the Boston Special Reserve layered on top of the Eclipse Extra Stout, the Half and Half: an equal mixture of Eclipse Extra Stout and Boston Special Reserve, the Black Velvet: equal mixture of Eclipse Extra Stout and hard apple cider, or the Snake Bite: equal parts Iron Works Ale and hard apple cider.

Now seven months old, the owners decided from the beginning hat they wanted to build from the ground up and with $4.2 million, that's just what they did. Currently one of three Brew Moon locations in Massachusetts, they all suffer from having a Big Brother at the capitol that forbids traditional happy hour pricing. A "lunar sampler" of five four ounce beers costs $4.50, pints ranged from $2.50 to $3.25 and 20 ounce glasses were $3.00 to $3.25. A good selection of Ports and California wines were also available and alternating house beers typically include the Onions Red and the Rocket Root Beer. Merchandise included caps, glasses, and T-shirts. To try out the food, stop by Monday through Thursday 11:30 AM til 10 PM, Friday and Saturday 11:30 til 12 midnight, and Sunday 11 AM til 3 PM. For the bar, visit Monday through Wednesday til midnight and Thursday through Saturday til 1:30 AM.

Brew Moon
114 Broadway, Route 1 North
North Saugas, Massachusetts 01906

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1996.

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